welcome to Floatingpoint Instruments– the new home for the multiclock

Professionally sync all your electronic Instruments and Software.


The multiclock can be the main clock generator or synced to external MIDI, DIN sync and Analogue clocks. Synchronization of the multiclock to a DAW relies on a sample accurate audio clock, which allows for rock solid sync signals.


The multiclock has four outputs. Each channel can be set to either emit MIDI, DIN sync or analogue clock. Analogue clock signals are configurable in polarity and start/reset behavior and individual clock dividers are available.


To compensate for any time lag of your connected gear, you can shift each of the four output channels individually and in realtime back and forth relative to the reference clock. If you then have found the sweet spot, you can add a bit of shuffle.


To become the central connection hub of your setup, a powerful MIDI Router is available. It allows you to route and merge other MIDI data from four USB MIDI ports and the onboard MIDI In with the accurate clock signals.


VST, AU & AAX plugins

Synchronization of the multiclock to a DAW relies on a sample accurate audio clock stream, which in consequence guarantees absolutely tight clock signals with ±1 sample of jitter. No drifting involved, everything on the grid. VST, AU and AAX plugins for all major DAWs are provided, or you create your own sync loop with our sample.


Clocks, Dividers, Triggers and LFO

You can configure the modular clock output mode in every possible way: choose the polarities of the signals, select the start or reset behavior for each channel individually and set clock dividers. There is also an analogue LFO available with various waveforms and optional frequency quantization to connect to the Eurorack world.



MIDI, DIN Sync & Tape

Sync all your drummachines, grooveboxes, sequencers, arpeggiators and effects with a stable MIDI Clock or DIN sync/sync24 signal. But also your tape machine can be back in the game: simply record a 24ppq loop of our sync sample to one track, connect the tape machine to the multiclock Audio In and be in sync!

±1 Sample Jitter with Audio Sync at 48kHz

±300ms Shift Range

±100ms Initial Offset

30-300 BPM Tempo Range

1 x 24ppq Audio Sync Input

1 x MIDI / DIN Input

4 x MIDI / DIN / Modular Output

1 x 0-5V Analog LFO Output

4 x USB MIDI Output

1 x USB MIDI Input

Realtime Shift and Shuffle

Individual Start & StopConfigurable Clock Dividers

Integrated Reference Clock

Flexible MIDI Router & Remote

VST, AU & AAX Plug

9-12V DC, any Polarity

LxWxH, with Knobs: 220mm x 117mm x 55mm

Unit Weight: 770g

Rugged Steel Housing